Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heather Crosse and Lee Williams

For my first post I would like to let everyone know how Heather Crosse and Lee Williams spent their summer vacation!!  Ok.. just kidding... kind of.  For anyone that has been around the Clarksdale area in the past few years, Im sure y'all have seen these two musicians performing.  Lets start with Heather.  Heather Crosse hails from Louisiana..... she is a dynamic vocalist with a style all of her own.  Heather also plays a bad ass bass.  She fronts her own band Heavy Suga & the Sweet Tones.... and also performs with some outstanding well known delta musicians.... I could go on and on... please... YOU TUBE HER!
Lee Williams... has been playing drums since he was 9.  He is a veteran drummer who also performs with Heather and truly is a sweet tone.... cause he can sing too... If Lee is in the house ... forget it.. they want him on stage... he has backed many legends.
These two are music veterans who have graced the stages of festivals across the country.
Heather teaches music at a local school and they also give private lessons...
This summer however, they had the great opportunity to be involved in a new music program in Tutwiler Mississippi.  Just listening to Heather explain the program and how it came to be has shown me two things.  Music is a universal language.... there are no barriers or boundaries.... and that magic can happen when an idea is actually put into action.
Heather and Lee are the new generation of legends to come out of the delta.
And there are plenty more of them around.... so keep reading and I will keep posting.
Sunflower is around the corner.. ....


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